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Merchant's Edition v1.9.1


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3 hours ago, Traumflug said:

I hope you don't expect me to answer this in public. To those into the matter, reasoning for creating Merchant's Edition is pretty obvious.

No one will force you too. But your tone and answers seems pretty bitter.

I guess your motive to still be here then is to announce your competitive site in the forums. 

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16 minutes ago, Briljander said:

But your tone and answers seems pretty bitter.

Actually, I enjoy hacking away on this software more than ever. Often deep into the night, because I somehow can't stop.

BTW., it's not "my" Merchant's Edition, it's "ours". We just don't make a big issue about ownership, bureaucracy. Enjoying improving this software and enjoying life is much more fun. It gets a tiny bit better almost every day, this sums up.

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What happened`? Has Lesley sold TB to guys from Prestashop`?


Anyhow, thank you for being so kind to develop TB /ME further on and to make it more userfriendly. The base PS has too many convoluted 'main' functions from I dont know when (2014? :) that are not polished at all. The whole refund system, warehouse system, cart policies, update system, translation. I still see these in TB and I have the feeling they have not been improved from merchants view.  If this will ever happen with TB or ME who knows. But the first step for TB was to get rid of the endless bugs in PS and I am endlessly grateful for that. Furthermore I must say that other ecommerce systems are in these aspects more merchant friendly.

However, I am running TB bleeding edge /ME as long as I can. Maybe the next 20 years? :)

What I am missing the most is an order editor function and a straight forward and working refund system. I still have problems from time to time with order slips etc. Though I find my way.


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Markus's site interestingly says "The currently most asked question is: how can I upgrade to Merchant’s Edition? Well, currently one can’t. And that’s going to change before too long. Core Updater is an excellent tool for upgrading between thirty bees releases, it’ll be extended to allow also upgrading to Merchant’s Edition."

I presume this means that by Thirty Bees allowing Merchants Edition to become an option in Core Updater, that Markus is still contributing code to the whole concept of TB/ ME and not just ME.

Am I right?

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